FAIR PLAY Documentary

A film by Jennifer Siebel Newsom in partnership with Hello Sunshine

FAIR PLAY makes the invisible care work historically held by women visible, inspiring a more balanced future for all.

For anyone who has ever thought, “I have no time for myself” or “This isn’t the career and marriage combo deal I thought I’d have” –Eve Rodsky has been there.

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Fair Play documentary poster

In the film, inspired by Rodsky’s New York Times best-selling book Fair Play, Eve takes us on her journey to change the unfair work dynamic in her own home and in society at large. By following three families on their own journeys to find balance at home,  we see how even the smallest fights around dirty dishes are actually linked to systemic issues affecting millions of families across the globe.

Written, produced, and directed by Jennifer Siebel Newsom (Miss Representation, The Mask You Live In) and in partnership with Hello Sunshine, FAIR PLAY features experts including Melinda French Gates and the US Representative from California’s 45th district, Katie Porter. FAIR PLAY demonstrates how private lives are public issues. By making the invisible care work historically held by women visible, FAIR PLAY inspires a more equitable and intentionally balanced future.

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